THE END? Bernie Sanders Campaign Is Laying Off HUNDREDS OF STAFFERS (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders slavery

The Bernie Sanders campaign is preparing to lay off hundreds of staffers. They say they want to focus on the remaining states and that they are still going all the way.

Politico reports:

Sanders campaign begins laying off staff

Bernie Sanders’ campaign started letting hundreds of field staffers go on Wednesday, hours after five states in the Northeast voted and the Vermont senator fell further behind Hillary Clinton in the race for the Democratic nomination, five people familiar with the situation told POLITICO.

It’s not the campaign’s first round of departures, but it’s by far the most significant, coming at a time when Sanders is signaling that he is looking to shape the Democratic platform at the party’s convention, but also insisting he will remain in the race until then.

Sanders trails Clinton by well over 300 delegates.

Staffers who were working in states that voted Tuesday were told by campaign manager Jeff Weaver to look elsewhere for work rather than continue on to the next voting states, according to people close to the campaign. The news comes as Sanders looks to spend more time in California, which is set to vote in June.

While Sanders appears set for a handful of wins in May, his path to the nomination appears all but closed off after he lost Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and Connecticut on Tuesday night.

Here’s a video report from CNN:


Do you think the staffers who lost their jobs are still feeling the Bern?

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