DUDE! Kasich Holds Breakfast Interview While Shoveling Loads of Chopped Fruit Into His Mouth …Update: Trump Responds

kasich breakfast

John Kasich held a breakfast interview today while shoveling food into his mouth and talking to reporters with a mouth full of chopped fruit.

Rush Limbaugh weighed in on John’s power breakfast.


RUSH: John Kasich. I couldn’t believe what I was watching today. Kasich was at a diner in Pennsylvania. He was having breakfast. Reporters were asking him questions about this deal he’s made with Cruz, this arrangement he’s made with Cruz — and he was actually eating! You don’t do that! He was taking giant forkfuls of food, giant mouthfuls of food. You just don’t do that. You never, ever…

…It’s what killed Caroline Kennedy’s chances. You know, she went up there to… What’s the name of the…? (interruption) Yeah, Sylvia’s soul food with Reverend Sharpton. She had to pass a test up there. And Sharpton did the right thing, he didn’t eat anything, and she’s just shoveling it in while the cameras are rolling. You just don’t do that. It’s not that you might spill something. You just don’t do it. Nobody looks good eating. Especially people that don’t have good manners, you know, people who eat with their mouths open and smack their lips. Ew. It’s one of the most boring, irritating things.

Donald Trump weighed in on the disgusting visual.

UPDATE: Donald Trump talked about it today…

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