Donald Trump: Ted Cruz “Has Hatred for New York – You Could See It” (VIDEO)

Donald Trump unloaded on Senator Ted Cruz over his previous attacks on New Yorkers.

ted cruz angry

Trump told Judge Jeanine, “He has hatred for New York.”

Donald Trump: These are unbelievable people. And when you talk about New York values, New York values are amazing… When you look at his face during the debate he was talking of New York values as if he hates New Yorkers which is his real feeling. And if he ever got in he would give nothing to New York. He would never help New York. I mean, you always need help. Places, states, cities, they need help. They need help from the federal government. They need all sorts of money for all sorts of projects. He will never give anything to New York. He has hatred for New York. And you could see it. And it wasn’t even the fact that he talked about New York values. It’s the way he sadi it.”

Via Justice for Judge Jeanine:

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