DONALD TRUMP Slams Hillary Clinton and Obama on DISASTROUS Foreign Policy and Lies (VIDEO)

Donald Trump held a major speech today on foreign policy in Washington DC.

trump hillary speech liar

During his speech Trump blasted Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s disastrous foreign policy and lies.

“Our actions in Iraq, Libya and Syria have helped unleash ISIS. And we’re in a war with radical Islam but President Obama won’t even name the enemy. And unless you name the enemy you will never ever solve the problem. Hillary Clinton also refuses to say the words radical Islam… After Secretary Clinton’s failed intervention in Libya, Islamic terrorists in Benghazi took down our consulate and killed our ambassador and three brave Americans. Then instead of taking charge that night Hillary Clinton decided to go home and sleep. Incredible. Clinton blames it all on a video an excuse that was a total lie. Proven to be, absolutely a total lie. Our Ambassador was murdered and our Secretary of State misled the nation.”

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