WOW! Dirty Ted Cruz’s Campaign Manager Says Trump Should Drop Out if He Doesn’t Reach 50% in NY

GOP front-runner Donald Trump leads Ted Cruz by over 200 delegates EVEN WITH Cruz’s stolen delegates.


In February the Cruz campaign stole votes from Dr. Ben Carson on election night.
The Cruz camp told voters Carson was dropping out and to support Ted Cruz in Iowa.
carson cruz dirty trick


Carson was right to be outraged…
The Cruz camp sent their dishonest statements out to 1,500 precincts before the voting started at the Iowa caucuses.

The Carson camp later accused the Cruz camp of dirty tricks saying, “There was never a more tainted victory!”

This was not the first time Jeff Roe, the Cruz campaign manager, pulled this trick. He also pushed a drop-out rumor in a campaign in 2010.

Then the Cruz camp posted a photo of Marco Rubio with Obama on a campaign flyer.
The picture was photoshoppedand it wasn’t even a good photoshop.
rubio obama trade

Of course, the Cruz camp denied they would use a photo that was not authentic.”

AND WE ALL KNOW ABOUT the Cruz campaign’s attempts to steal delegates from Donald Trump.

Now this…
jeff roe
Jeff Roe (Daily Mail)

Jeff Roe told reporters Donald Trump should drop out of the presidential race if he can’t reach 50% of the vote in New York state.

Cruz only won 44% of the vote in Texas.
The Daily Mail reported:

Ted Cruz’s campaign manager believes Donald Trump, the Republican presidential front-runner, should abandon his White House hopes if he can’t win a majority of votes in his home state of New York on April 19.

Cruz himself only won 44 per cent in his native Texas when he claimed victory in the Texas GOP primary. Trump claimed 27 per cent.

Ohio Gov. John Kasich also failed to top 50 per cent in his

‘I’m assuming Donald is very strong in his home state,’ Jeff Roe said Thursday during the ABC News ‘Powerhouse Politics’ podcast.

‘If he doesn’t get over 50 percent, he should probably consider dropping out, like everyone else has when they don’t win their home state in a dramatic fashion,’ Roe jabbed.

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