DEMOCRAT STRATEGIST: Bernie Supporters Will Cross Over to Vote for Trump Instead of Hillary (Video)

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Democratic strategist Harlan Hill told Neil Cavuto today that up to 40% of Bernie Sanders supporters will cross over to Donald Trump if Bernie is eliminated.

Harlan Hill: Almost 40% of Bernie Sanders supporters say they will not support Hillary Clinton in the general election. And I expect that number to grow.

Neil Cavuto: Alright, will where will they go?

Harlan Hill: Well, I think they will either stay home or they will cross over.

Neil Cavuto: Who will they cross over to?

Harlan Hill: Donald Trump. That’s it. They’re not going to vote for Ted Cruz… I think that there is common ground that if Donald Trump plays his cards right he could appeal to a lot of Democrats.

Via Your World with Neil Cavuto:

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