Cruz Supporters Continue to Thwart the Will of the People in Missouri

The Missouri GOP held county caucuses two weeks ago to elect delegates to attend the state convention in Branson, Missouri on May 20th and 21st.
Donald Trump won Missouri and was awarded 25 delegates to 15 for Ted Cruz.

The Cruz people want to make sure their supporters replace Trump delegates to the national convention. They are actively working to thwart the will of the people of Missouri.

Now we have proof that the Cruz camp is cheating in Missouri too.

St. Louis television and radio host Jamie Allman sent this to TGP earlier this week.

On Saturday Maryland Heights township elected delegates to the state convention.
#8 is a Donald Trump supporter Susan Mogley-Schenberg.
stl list first

But the Cruz supporters switched out Susan and replaced her with Barbara Wright – a Cruz supporter.
allmann document 2

The Missouri Republican Party told area reporters their tactics were appropriate and that the rules have been out there for months.

They’re defending their actions.
Stupid Trump supporters!

Now this…
The Cruz people continue to play games with the delegate selection in Missouri.
The Missouri Times reported:

When the Missouri Republican Party held their county caucuses across the state April 9, they selected slates of delegates that will go to the state and congressional districts to vote for the final delegates sent to Cleveland for the Republican National Convention this summer.

But some Republicans, namely supporters of real estate mogul Donald Trump, are raising their eyebrows at the process and raising their voices to oppose what they see as unfair practices.

Among them is Ellisville Mayor Adam Paul, who attended the Wild Horse township caucus in St. Louis County. At that caucus, Paul said that former Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones also attended, despite the fact that he lives in the Meramac township on Wild Horse’s southern border. Paul said Jones brought a slate of candidates that supported second place Republican presidential candidate Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, and eventually, Jones’ slate of candidates won.

While Paul recognized that Jones and his supporters followed the rules and procedures, the decision made at the caucus troubles Paul.

“Those things don’t pass the smell test,” he said. “We had a slate that we presented which was more a reflection of the will of the people, and their slate was filled with Cruz supporters.”

Those Cruz supporters could come into play at the national convention that eventually chooses the final nominee…

…If Trump does not hit the 1,237 delegate mark, who the delegates support rather than who states voted for could matter a great deal. Trump supporters like Paul are taking notice.

“This is shedding a negative light on the process of the delegates to a larger group of people, and they’re realizing ‘What’s the point of going to a primary and voting in Missouri when your delegates aren’t going to be appropriately’,” he said.

Paul pointed toward delegate selection in other states, like Colorado, where Cruz won all 34 of the state’s delegates in a private party convention without a presidential preference vote.

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