MORE CRUZ CHEATING IN MISSOURI=> Same MO Couple Won TWO Different Caucuses

The Missouri GOP held county caucuses two weeks ago to elect delegates to attend the state convention in Branson, Missouri on May 20th and 21st.
Donald Trump won Missouri and was awarded 25 delegates to 15 for Ted Cruz.

The Cruz people want to make sure their supporters replace Trump delegates to the national convention. They are actively working to thwart the will of the people of Missouri.

Last week we reported on how Cruz supporters were replacing Trump delegates with Cruz delegates after the district elections.


Today St. Louis television and radio host Jamie Allman posted this update on the Missouri shenanigans.

Annette Read, a Trump supporter, discovered this latest discrepancy:

One St. Louis County couple won district races in Queeny district and Missouri River district.
The McMillions won a slot on the Queeny district.
queeny district

The McMillions also won in Missouri River district.
missouri river district

Look for the Cruz campaign to defend this fraud, too.

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