Cruz Campaign Mgr. Jeff Roe Meets With GOP Leaders in Closed Door Meeting – Trashes Trump

Ted Cruz campaign manager Jeff Roe met with Republican Party leaders in a closed door meeting Wednesday in Florida.

Roe was arguing Ted’s case to be the Republican nominee.
This came the day after Ted got skunked in New York.

Roe told the party leaders that a Trump nomination will be a “whitewash.”
The Politico reported:


Jeff Roe, Ted Cruz’s campaign manager, says he told Republican Party leaders Wednesday that Donald Trump’s nomination would be a down-ballot disaster so bad that “it could be a situation where we’d have to rename our party.”

“It will be a whitewash,” Roe told reporters after his briefing at the spring meeting of the Republican National Committee.

Cruz’s top brass — Roe, chief strategist Jason Johnson, delegate wrangler Saul Anuzis and former Virginia Atty. Gen. Ken Cuccinelli, among them — came to the RNC’s spring meeting here to press the case for Cruz’s path the presidency to top party activists.

Roe predicted it is “highly likely” that the GOP contest will go to a contested convention, and that his team was using the meeting of the GOP’s leadership to argue that Cruz would be far better for the party than Trump. The members of the RNC could prove key as almost all 168 of them would be unbound free agents to support whomever they want after the first ballot of a contested convention.

Roe said there were two keys to the Cruz case. “One, we can win, he can’t,’ Roe said. And second, that Cruz would support local elected officials across the country.

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