Crazy Glenn Beck Sees Conspiracy in Trump’s Response to Michelle Fields Hoax

beck cruz

Pro-Bernie Sanders “conservative” talk show host Glenn Beck continued to embarrass himself with his latest attack on Donald Trump.

The #NeverTrump radio host is outraged that Donald Trump is not apologizing to Michelle Fields over her assault hoax and smear of Corey Lewandowski.

Crazy Glenn says it reminds him of Bill Clinton.
Except, of course, that Bill Clinton was a sexual deviant and Donald Trump is just defending his campaign manager against an outrageous smear.


Here’s Crazy Glenn:

Mediaite reported:

After listening to Donald Trump talking yesterday about Corey Lewandowski and Michelle Fields, Glenn Beck expressed his utter shock at how dismissive the GOP frontrunner has been about this whole thing.

Beck lamented that “the general election is already being lost” and pointed out that morning TV––where Trump made remarks about how there’s “no evidence” and Fields maybe “likes it”––is where women generally get the news.

All Trump had to do, Beck said, is just apologize and move on. But he has not, and the response struck Beck as a very familiar one.

“We’ve seen this with the Clintons!” he said. “The Clintons are the ones that are using the same excuse. They’re using the excuse of ‘attack the woman’… This is practically the blue dress.”

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