MORE COLLUSION=> GOP Elites and Anti-Trump PACs Join Forces in California to Take Down Trump

On Sunday the Cruz and Kasich camps formed the Cru-sich Alliance to stop Donald Trump.

The two campaigns announced the development on Twitter.
cruz kasich

Now Republican establishment funded Super PACs are joining forces to take down Trump in California.


Our Principles PAC (OPP) bought over $16 million in ads against Donald Trump so far this year. The group also admitted that they were working to steer Republican delegates away from Donald Trump.

katie packer
Katie Packer – Former Romney aide and founder of Our Principles PAC

This week OPP announced they are colluding with the anti-Trump Victory California to take down Trump in California.

The Los Angeles Times reported:

A national group that is trying to stop Donald Trump from winning the GOP nomination is combining forces with a California anti-Trump group on a seven-figure effort expected to start in early May in the state.

“As everyone knows, California is the big enchilada that can make or break this for either side,” said Katie Packer, the founder of the Our Principles PAC, which has spent $16 million on anti-Trump efforts in a handful of states, including Iowa, Florida and Wisconsin. “If you’re a political operative and you’re not doing work in California, it can be a scary place because it’s so massive. It’s like a mini country. So having seasoned people who know the state so well and already have a really solid plan, we can partner with [them] and have them be the boots on the ground.”

Packer’s group is joining forces with Victory California, a group founded by three veteran GOP operatives in Sacramento.

“It’s the right thing to do for the donors so there isn’t any type of competing or confusing effort,” said Rob Stutzman, one of the founders of the California group. “It was clear the donor community wanted to engage in a single unified effort.”

The move also allows both groups to avoid duplicating research and messaging in the lead-up to California’s June 7 primary.

Packer and Stutzman said they expect the effort to be targeted at denying Trump delegates in the state’s congressional districts, and to be timed to when voters start receiving mail ballots in the second week of May.

Look out California, Nebraska and Indiana–
The GOP elites are coming!

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