CNN Gives Far Left Comic Margaret Cho Platform TO BASH REPUBLICANS (VIDEO)

Margaret Cho CNN

Margaret Cho is a far left, gay comedian who hates all things Republican. CNN has seen fit to give her a platform to push her personal politics. The video below isn’t from Cho’s personal website or YouTube channel, it’s an official CNN video. How is this fair?

Cho begins the video by explaining her politics and her background as well as her political activism which is entirely about her sexual orientation.

Towards the end, she praises Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. Then she suggests that both Donald Trump and Ted Cruz would be “detrimental” for America and the world.


Again, this is CNN essentially promoting the far left politics of one incredibly partisan entertainer. Where’s the balance? Where’s the opposing view?

Watch the video:

This is what we’re up against.

America’s biggest cable “news” network is openly promoting the politics of the far left.


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