CHRISTIAN BAKER Has Home Damaged and Son Threatened with Rape After Refusing to Bake Gay Wedding Cake

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David and Edie Delorme are Christians who own a Texas Bakery.

In February they were asked to bake a gay wedding cake. They declined but gave the couple a list of local bakers who would bake them a cake.
edie and david delorme

luis marmolejo and ben valencia
Ben Valencia and Luis Marmolejo wanted the Delormes to bake them a cake.

Since then their home has been vandalized and their son has been threatened with rape by a broken beer bottle.
Fellowship of the Minds reported:

On Feb. 17, 2016, a homosexual couple, Ben Valencia and Luis Marmolejo, came to the shop and asked to buy a cake for their wedding.

When Edie realized it was for a same-sex wedding, she politely refused. Edie told Fox News: “We don’t do cakes that might conflict with our spiritual convictions. It was not something personal against the two young men. We just need to be able to run our business in a way that honors God.”

First Liberty Institute lawyer Michael Berry said, “She (Edie) said, ‘I’m sorry, but we don’t make same-sex wedding cakes, but here’s a list of other bakers in the area who would most likely be able to meet your needs. It was pretty civil. The gentleman said, ‘Okay’ and left.”

Julie Brown Patton reports for The Gospel Herald, March 15, 2016, that a few days later, the Delormes were informed by a local newspaper reporter thatValencia and Marmolejo were publicly accusing them of discrimination.

Harassment and threats poured in, including vile posts on the bakers’ Facebookand Yelp pages.

Edie said, “Our son got a call where they threatened to burn our house down and violate him with a broken beer bottle. That was probably the worst.” The couple also have an eight-year-old daughter.

Sadly, this story won’t make any national headlines.

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