BREAKING: Donald Trump to Sit Down with Megyn Kelly for Interview on May 17

trump megyn kelly

GOP front-runner Donald Trump will sit down with Megyn Kelly on May 17 for an hour-long special. Extended portions of the interview will air on FOX News the following night.
People reported:

Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly have put their differences aside for formal sit-down.

Fox announced on Monday that the Republican presidential hopeful will appear on Fox’s hour-long special Megyn Kelly Presents this May 17, with extended portions of the interview airing on The Kelly File on Fox News the following night.

“I look forward to a fascinating exchange – our first sit-down interview together in nearly a year,” Kelly, 45, said in a press release.

The release also notes, “For the first time ever, Kelly will explore how events unfolded with Trump after the August debate as one of the most prominent voices covering the 2016 presidential campaign of the front-runner. She will also examine Trump’s successful campaign for the White House to date and his role in one of the most historic presidential runs in modern times.”

Master of persuasion Scott Adams called this last week!

Megyn Kelly Interview

As I predicted, Trump and Megyn Kelly are planning a one-on-one interview that will be a yuuuuge ratings event. Expect Trump to be polite and professional. Expect Kelly and Trump to be on good terms when it is over. Kelly has been a big part of the story of Trump’s perceived problem with women, and this will probably fix it. If this were a movie, Trump’s critical third act solution would revolve around the Kelly interview.

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