Bones of Christian Saints Found Scattered Among Rubble of Monastery Blown Up by ISIS

The bones of Christian saints were found scattered among the rubble at the Mar Elian Monastery in Syria this week.
ISIS blew up the ancient monastery last year.

The ancient monastery was leveled by Islamic State fighters.

The Telegraph reported:


Bones of Christian saints have been uncovered in the remains of a Syrian monastery blown up by Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) militants last year.

Reporters published footage and photos from Mar Elian monastery as they entered the town of Al-Qaryatain yesterday, after it was recaptured by Syrian government forces.

The remains of revered religious figures appear to have been thrown into a room along with empty cardboard boxes, clay pots and rubbish as part of Isil’s attempt to destroy the monastery, which they blew up and bulldozed in August 2015 shortly after capturing territory in Homs Province.

“The bones of Christian saints rested in peace for hundreds of years , before Islamic State came to the monastery of Saint Elian”, reported Lindsey Hilsum, who was in the town reporting for Channel Four.

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