Bill Maher on Michelle Fields Hoax: “That’s Not Assault… What a Charmed, Lucky, Clueless White Girl Life You Have Lived”

Make that TWO THINGS Bill Maher is right on —
Islam and the Corey Lewandowski Hoax Assault.

corey fields

Leftist icon Bill Maher tore into hoaxer Michelle Fields last night on HBO.

Maher compared her faux assault to “the Zapruder film if nothing happened.”


You just can’t watch that video and see assault and battery without being a political hack.
It’s impossible.

Mediaite reported:

Bill Maher went ballistic tonight over the attacks against Donald Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and said he clearly shouldn’t have been charged with battery.

He showed the tape and mockingly said, “Oh my God it’s like the Zapruder film if nothing had happened.” Maher lamented how this is another example of liberals attempting to “mimic the stupidity of the right.”

He tore into Michelle Fields for her reaction to being grabbed and said, “What a charmed, lucky, clueless white girl life you have lived… That’s not assault!”

Panelists quibbled with his assessment, but Maher rolled his eyes and said this was clearly much ado about nothing.

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