Bernie Sanders Claims He’s Losing Some States BECAUSE POOR PEOPLE DON’T VOTE (VIDEO)

Bernie Sanders poor people

Bernie Sanders really stepped in it on Meet the Press yesterday. When asked by host Chuck Todd why he’s lost in some states to Hillary, he said “Because poor people don’t vote.”

That’s not only inaccurate, it’s offensive.

Mediaite reported:

Bernie Sanders: I’m Losing States ‘Because Poor People Don’t Vote’

On Meet the Press this morning, Bernie Sanders said that he’s losing states to Hillary Clinton in part “because poor people don’t vote.”

Chuck Todd brought up how many states with high levels of income inequality have gone for Clinton so far. Sanders said poor people aren’t voting, lamenting it as a “sad reality of American society.”

Watch the video:

This gaffe isn’t likely to hurt Bernie Sanders.

After all, he’s not a Republican.


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