AWW: Liberal Critic Disappointed in Trevor Noah FOR NOT BEING AS GOOD AS JON STEWART

A critic who writes for Variety is disappointed in Trevor Noah because he’s not an effective liberal attack dog like Jon Stewart was.

Truth Revolt reports:

Liberal Critic Frustrated that Jon Stewart’s Replacement Isn’t ‘Our Reliable Attack Dog’

Variety critic Maureen Ryan has a big problem with how Comedy Central’s The Daily Show has “lost its edge” since Jon Stewart passed the liberal-rant news desk over to his South African replacement, Trevor Noah.

Ryan said the show is now “eminently missable” and doesn’t like the way Noah shows no teeth when delivering his political jokes:

Given that the current American political season is more chaotic and unpredictable than any in recent memory, the show’s strange affability creates a feeling of cognitive dissonance. It’s as if our reliable attack dog had suddenly lost its teeth and self-medicated with Xanax.

For Ryan, Noah treats his show opener too much like a comedy club routine, which in her estimation will never drive the viewership the Left needs to rile millennials to get them to the polls and vote. She adds:

The lack of urgency in this new Daily Show, coupled with the absence of a strongly defined worldview, have conspired to make the show eminently missable. That translates to ratings that have sunk more than 30% vs. a year ago, even though one would expect an election-year boost.

And like Noah, Ryan isn’t all that impressed with Larry Wilmore on his Comedy Central show The Nightly Show. He’s no Stephen Colbert to Ryan’s dismay but she gives him credit for at least having the right skin color to make “crucial” points on racism.

What a shame.

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