Author Claims Hillary Clinton And Michelle Obama CAN’T STAND EACH OTHER

Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton

The author of a new book is claiming that first lady Michelle Obama and former first lady Hillary Clinton are bitter enemies.

It’s not that hard to believe, is it?

AOL News reports:


Author claims Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton can’t stand each other

According to Kate Anderson Brower, author of the new book, First Women, The Grace And Power Of America’s Modern First Ladies, Hillary and Bill Clinton have rarely been invited to stay for dinner in the Obama White House.

The author told IE: “I don’t think Michelle has not really been able to bury the hatchet after 2008. She is not a political person.”

Brower says Michelle was heartbroken when Vice President Joe Biden decided not to run for president. According to Brower, it is because Michelle wanted him to give Hillary the kind of defeat she got when she ran for president in 2008.

“Michelle Obama would stand her nose at Hillary Clinton,” Brower said. “There is a sense that the Clintons are all about money and power, and that the Obamas are about ideals and getting something done.”

Brower says Michelle is counting the days when she can pack up and move out of the White House.

“Hillary Clinton is a very political woman and obviously can’t wait to get back into the White House. Michelle can’t wait to leave the White House. They are totally different people,” Brower said.

Did you think you’d ever agree with Michelle Obama about anything?


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