Anti-Trump Super PAC #NeverTrump Books HUNDREDS of Rooms In Cleveland to Bribe-Poach RNC Delegates

There are at least 8 Super PACs backed by Republican elites who are spending millions to defeat Donald Trump.

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The Super PACs are reportedly are calling, texting, emailing, lobbying, and all-out wining and dining the 2,472 delegates who will vote at the 2016 RNC.

The anti-Trump #NeverTrump Super PAC led by former Majority Leader Eric Cantor has reportedly booked hundreds of rooms in Cleveland in order to compromise delegates to the Republican Convention in July.


Via Free Republic:

While some super PACs were focused on advertising, they are currently playing a huge outside role in courting and flipping delegates for Cruz. The Our Principles PAC (OPP), run by Romney’s 2012 deputy campaign manager -Katie Packer, is an organization developed exclusively for defeating Donald J. Trump. At the Spring RNC meeting in Florida, Packer distributed a four page plan to promote her delegate strategy.

OPP is the most well funded #NeverTrump super PAC. Funded by the Ricketts family -billionaire owners of the Chicago Cubs, OPP has spent $16,000,000 to defeat Trump. In addition to negative media advertising, they hire workers to distribute anti-Trump literature which can be found at precincts and state conventions. OPP’s mission is to organize delegates and deploy any number of tactics with the goal of depriving Trump of as many delegates as possible in upcoming contests.

The culmination of the OPP effort is the utilization of staffers to target every state delegate bound or unbound. They seek to convince them by hook or crook to dump Trump at their respective state convention or in July at the RNC convention. Those already pledged to Trump after winning their state are being luxuriously lobbied to back Cruz on the subsequent ballots. The primary purpose of OPP, no matter the cost, no matter the ethics, is to ensure as few as possible delegates will be inclined to support Donald Trump.

Another anti-Trump super PAC, #NeverTrump, has focused on the logistics of the RNC convention in Cleveland. They have booked hundreds of hotel rooms in order to comp the targeted Republican delegates. NeverTrump began as a grassroots group started by allies of former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.). They have endorsed Cruz in some states and Kasich in others, frustrating both candidates. NeverTrump is pushing Kasich in Maryland, and Cruz in Indiana. Paul Singer, the billionaire hedge funder, is another elite that has already wasted millions on negative Trump advertising to no avail. Now Singer is spending his millions scheming behind the scenes to reduce the numbers of Trump delegates that Donald Trump has earned.

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