Anti-Trump Super PAC Led by Romney Toady Announces Plan to Steal Delegates from Trump

katie packer
Our Principles PAC and is headed by Katie Packer, the former Mitt Romney deputy campaign manager.

The anti-Trump PAC has declared an all-out war to ensure Donald Trump does not win the GOP nomination.

OPP spent $2 million in Wisconsin in ads against Donald Trump.


Last night they celebrated Trump’s defeat in Wisconsin.
They also disclosed their plan to deny Donald Trump unbound delegates.

Statement from Katie Packer – Chairman Our Principles PAC:

“GOP voters in Wisconsin rejected Donald Trump just like the entire Republican base will do in Cleveland this summer. The Republican presidential nomination process now moves to an open convention, and OPP will wage an aggressive fight for every delegate vote in the coming weeks to ensure the GOP wins the White House this fall with a principled, conservative standard bearer.”

OPP activities in Wisconsin:

** ​$2 million spent on broadcast and cable TV advertising statewide with issue specific television ads run in individual markets
** Radio ads
** Billboard advertising
** Digital advertising
** Millions of emails sent to Wisconsin voters
** Over 1,000,000 voter contacts in Wisconsin, including 383,000 pieces of mail and nearly 262,000 Trump voter guides.
​** Experienced field staff making calls or engaging in direct interaction with convention attendees advocating for a slate of “not-Trump” delegates

Moving forward, Our Principles PAC is organizing delegates and deploying a number of tactics with a goal of depriving Trump of as many delegates as possible in upcoming contests. OPP will focus on delegate wins, not individual state wins.

In addition, OPP will focus on states/districts electing unbound delegates to ensure those delegates are not supporting Trump on a first ballot and tracking candidates running for delegate in upcoming conventions to ensure that even if delegates are bound to Trump on early ballots, they move away on subsequent ballots.

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