Anti-Trump Astroturf=> Leftists Stockpile Mass Produced Anti-Trump Signs for NYC Rally

Here’s more proof that the leftist movements are NEVER Grassroots and ALWAYS astroturf.
antitrump astroturf nyc
A GIANT pile of mass produced anti-Trump signs are stockpiled on the street for the anti-Trump protest tonight in New York City.

Filmmakers Andrew Marcus and Jeremy Segal are at the Trump protest march in New York.

George Soros-funded is at this very moment initiating a “significant” protest tonight in New York City that is to be a march from Times Square to the Grand Hyatt Hotel where all three remaining GOP candidates will be attending a Republican fundraising event.


The left has piles and piles of pre-printed signs for the protest against Trump.

The organizers brought in a jumbotron and rappers for the anti-Trump rally.

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