MUST-SEE VIDEO=> Cruz Supporter Speaks Out – Reveals Cru-sich Dirty Plot to Steal Election

A Ted Cruz supporter just committed the cardinal sin of politics – she told the truth about the Cruz campaign.

cruz supporter twitter

This Cruz supporter spoke out against the Cruz campaign poaching delegates from Donald Trump.
The video is making the rounds on Twitter.

The woman attended the “Stop the Steal” rally at the Colorado State Capitol on April 15th. She was a delegate from Douglas County, Colorado but became disenfranchised with the system after Cruz supporters poached all delegates at the state convention.


I was a coordinator in Douglas County and undecided. I was always a Cruz supporter but in the whole process have become undecided. Especially when I got an email and really heard a lot of people at the caucus night talk about how we needed to keep Trump supporters from being elected as delegates. And I totally disagree with that. I think we have to let the process work. I think we have to let the people speak.

Via Jamie Allman on Twitter:

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