African-American Leader: Trump’s Message “Resonates” With Black Voters (VIDEO)

African-American Attorney Nikki Johnson-Huston defended Donald J. Trump and his supporters this week in an article at The Huffington Post titled “Trump 2016: In Defense of the White Working Class Voter.

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Tonight Nikki went on with Bill O’Reilly to defend Trump supporters and the white working class voter. Nikki also said she believes Trump will win over a significant portion of black voters.

Nikki Johnson-Huston: This election cycle I can tell you I’ve spoken with many black voters who say they are going to vote for Donald Trump. I can tell you in 2012 and 2008 I didn’t meet one African-American who said they would.

Bill O’Reilly: So you think he will do better than Romney did?

Nikki Johnson-Huston: Absolutely. Absolutely… I think the dirty little secret people aren’t talking about is the concerns of the working class, the white working class are also the same concerns the black working class have. Good jobs. Being able to take care of your family. Opportunity to have a better life for your children than you had.

Bill O’Reilly: So Trump has a chance if he works those African-American precincts and you think he has a chance there.

Nikki Johnson-Huston: I do think he does have a chance. I do think he needs to be more buttoned up and disciplined with some of the things that he’s saying. But I do think the underlying message resonates with Americans regardless of race.

Via The O’Reilly Factor:

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