WOW! Trump-Basher Katie Pavlich: “That Ship Has Sailed” Can Never Vote for Trump (VIDEO)

Katie Pavlich is one of the notorious National Review 22 Trump-bashers.
She hates Trump – He’s beating her candidate Ted Cruz.
dana trump

Katie hates Donald Trump so much that she is pushing bizarre smears and crazy propaganda against the GOP front-runner.

Monday on America’s Newsroom Katie said Democrats are voting for Donald Trump — because they know he’d be the easiest candidate to defeat!


“Sure, we’ve seen Democrats in open primaries go vote for Donald Trump. That’s often a tactic that is used in open primaries by Democrats to vote for the person they eventually want to run against in the general election.”

That’s nuts.
When asked if she could ever vote for Donald Trump Katie said:

I think that ship has sailed. I think that he’s not a conservative. I’ve been very clear on that. I was one of the now notorious National Review 22 writers who wrote out a very serious case about Donald Trump’s record.”

Like many so-called ‘conservative leaders’ Katie would rather support Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump in the general election… And she’s pushing fellow conservatives to do the same.

That’s unhinged.
Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave about now.

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