This morning in Cadillac, Michigan far left protesters repeatedly interrupted, screamed profanities and were forced out of the Donald Trump rally.

With thousands of people in attendance at his rallies there are dozens of fascist protesters who sneak in to each event.

They disrupt, scream profanities, throw punches, roll on the floor, rush the stage. They even turned out the lights at a massive rally in Atlanta.

protester bird
A leftist protester flips off the crowd as she is escorted out of a Trump rally.

Donald Trump told the crowd at a South Carolina rally,

If I say “Oh Hell” they’ll say, “Trump used a horrible word.” That person does that with their hands and fingers and they won’t report that. It’s disgusting. It’s disgusting. It’s so disgusting. And, I’ll tell you what. The press should be ashamed of themselves.

Trump was right. The press did not report on the vile protester.

The media hid this from the American public. Just like they do with all of the violent protesters at Trump rallies. You would never have any idea this was going on, day in and day out, if you relied on the liberal mainstream news – including FOX News.

Trump told police today in Michigan one foulmouthed protester should be arrested for his “filthy, dirty mouth.”

In Oklahoma this week one leftist protester with a KKK shirt approached the stage. Donald Trump confronted the protester.

In Radford, Virginia fascist leftist protesters repeatedly interrupted Donald Trump’s speech.

Tonight in New Orleans dozens of “Black Lives Matter” protesters disrupted the Trump rally and became violent.
There were so many protesters that Trump’s campaign manager had to help throw them out.

But once again the media ignored this story – just like all the others.
But if a Trump supporter would have fought back or screamed profanities at these horrible fascists and racists it would have made headlines.

Don’t fool yourself. The media is not on the side of the people.
The media is on the side of the fascists, thugs and racists.

As Trump said – The media should be ashamed.
But they aren’t.

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