Updated: Weekly Standard Writer McCormack Blames Trump Supporters for Violence After Chicago Trump Rally Canceled (VIDEO)

John McCormack, senior writer at the anti-Trump Weekly Standard, a conservative opinion magazine, blamed Donald Trump supporters for violence at Trump rallies.


This comes after HUNDREDS to THOUSANDS of leftists shut down the Trump rally in Chicago rally on Friday night.

Violent leftist protesters have interrupted every Trump rally for weeks. Many swing at Trump supporters on the way out the door.
Trump supporters are regularly attacked and insulted at rallies across America.

And John McCormack is blaming Trump supporters!
McCormack says there is “no evidence” of Trump protester causing violence?

What insanity!


The left is unhinged and vulgar and McCormack is blaming conservatives.

UPDATE: John provided this comment on his remarks.

I said on air that sitting in a studio in DC I didn’t know who was instigating the violence in Chicago. There was “no evidence” that violence at earlier rallies occurred in response to violence of the protesters. Please see this article:

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