Watch Hillary’s Embarrassing And Cringeworthy 1995 Parody of FORREST GUMP (VIDEO)

Hillary Gump

It’s important to note that this is something Hillary did herself, voluntarily, because she thought it would be funny. In reality, it is one of the most painfully embarrassing things you will ever see.

It was created for the Gridiron Dinner in 1995.

The New York Times reported:


‘Hillary Gump’ a Hit at Washington’s Gridiron Club Dinner

With a little help from Hollywood, Hillary Rodham Clinton has been transformed into “Hillary Gump,” a slow-talking Southerner who strikes up a conversation on a park bench outside the White House.

“The White House is just like a box of chocolates,” she says in a line from the parody of the hit movie, “pretty on the outside and full of nuts inside.”

Even though she was halfway around the world on a diplomatic mission in South Asia, Mrs. Clinton’s five-minute videotaped spoof of “Forrest Gump” stole the show on Saturday at the Gridiron Club’s annual white-tie dinner.

President Clinton played a cameo role: When the First Lady offers him a chocolate, he takes the box and gives her one candy — then asks if she has some french fries to go with it.

Watch the video:

It turns out stupid really is as stupid does.


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