Venezuela To Issue ‘CHAVISTA CARDS’ To Reward Loyal Followers Of Socialism

In Venezuela, where socialism has destroyed the entire country, the government now wants to reward fans of socialism and punish the opposition.

Fox News reports:

While officially the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) party has around 8 million registered members, that number is probably overestimated considering that only some 5.6 million voted for the party in last December’s legislative election.

Meanwhile, the “socialist cards” are already being issued. On Friday 25,000 money cards were given away to families living in the housing complex La Gran Misión Hogares de la Patria, a government’s flagship since 2012.

“They are already preparing for an eventual election. They will issue the cards depending on the nature of their followers,” political analyst Luis Salamanca explained to FNL. “Those ideologically committed will receive the Bolivarian one, while the ones focused on cronyism will get the socialist card.”

The “socialist card” will provide families access to 14,000 bolivars (around $70) every month to buy products in state-run grocery stores and pharmacies. That’s more than the monthly minimum wage, 11,578 bolivars (around $57).

This is what Bernie Sanders wants to turn our country into.

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