UPDATE: Dekalb High School Showcases Racist Presentations for Black History Month – Rapper Talks About Bagging White B*tches

So this is the new normal.
Public schools are now showcasing racist whitey hating profanity laced presentations for Black History Month.

And all the white kids are expected to sit there and listen to the abuse.
racist poem dekalb

Dekalb High School students were shuffled into the auditorium last week to listen to two girls recite a racist poem against whitey and evil America.
US of Arn reported:


The two students who read the piece said things like, “What reason do I have to be mad? It is a simple fact that in all my years in the school system I’ve had to listen to white students (inaudible) off my brothers and sisters take pride in our culture, their ancestors tried so hard to annihilate.”

They also said, “I’m mad because the system is built for the white man. I’m mad because white women fetishize our black men or refuse to acknowledge our Black Lives Matter.” and “Mad because Black Lives Matter is corrected to All Lives Matter by White America who feels threatened by us.”

“I’m mad because white people still believe that hundreds of years of slavery, 60 years of Jim Crowe laws, 75 years of miseducation and abuse, 50 years of public lynchings and countless hours of media propaganda doesn’t affect the way we African-American are seen today in society.”

The pair also said, “After February you will forget “The land of the free, and the home of the brave” was built off the backs of enslaved African-Americans.” And “I’m mad because America focuses on terrorism and wars abroad but plays down and denies the acts of terrorism and wars waged against my people.”

Here’s the racist performance – Imagine white students pulling off something like this:

I believe this is one of the things that got people in their feelings yesterday after the black history month assembly…

Posted by Khaleelah Muhammad on Thursday, February 25, 2016

UPDATE: A Dekalb high school parent sent this update on the racist event.
The reader preferred to remain anonymous.

Thank you for your recent article.
My children attend Dekalb High School. One walked out of the assembly so upset that he called asking to be picked up.

At the end of the day all of my children came home and stated they had felt that the kids from the Black Student Union had pointed fingers and simply blamed white people.

Included in the presentation were a rapper who said that he doesn’t like white people, but isn’t racist because he’s bagged a lot of white bitches.

Also presented were videos of the Ferguson riots in which black teens were seen breaking car windows etc. When the police are shown in the video entering the scene the Black Student Union members stated this showed police targeting and brutalizing black teens.

The principal did not send any contact to the parents until 8:30 p.m. and said there was a heightened emotional response and there would be additional counselors available the following day.

The school officials and local paper deny any physical altercations, which the students dispute. They also deny any gun threats even though students state that a gun was found and some teachers told students the district would cover it up.

Today your article is circulating the black community and now parents are very angry that someone dared infer that the Black Student Union students are racist.

The day after the assembly there was a shooting that involved teenagers…although we are being told it is completely unrelated.

Please continue to report and uncover the whole story here.

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