BREAKING: Better Business Bureau Faxed FOX Trump’s “A” Rating During Debate – Megyn Kelly Ignored It

On Thursday night Megyn Kelly pressed Donald Trump on a pending court case concerning Trump University.
kelly attacks trump fleeced

Kelly pulled a quote from a previous opinion that lists Donald Trump as a “con artist.”

Kelly also told Donald Trump his rating from the Better Business Bureau was a D-.

Kelly was wrong.

Now this…
The Better Business Bureau faxed Trump’s “A” rating to FOX News during the debate.
Trump handed it to the FOX panel.

Via News Ninja:
trump fax kelly

Megyn Kelly ignored the fax from the Better Business Bureau – She let her lie stand.

Megyn Kelly Even Admitted after the debate– She was handed the fax at the debate but never corrected her inaccurate statements.
Then she doubled down on the lie in a later segment despite having the document in her hand.

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