Unhinged Leftists Behead Donald Trump Effigy HANGING FROM A NOOSE (VIDEO)

Anti-Trump leftists

The left is terrified of Donald Trump and they’re proving it every single day. Recently, some progressive Trump haters in Salt Lake City hung a Donald Trump effigy from a noose and then beheaded it.

The American Mirror reported:

SHOCK VIDEO: Protester beheads Trump effigy hanging from noose

Leftists are escalating their violent tactics against Republican front runner Donald Trump by beheading a Trump effigy look-alike in the streets of Salt Lake City.

Nicole Vowell of KSL 5 tweeted several videos of protesters standing on the steps of city hall on Friday.

In one, a man says, “I don’t like anything about Trump,” before taking a stick and beheading the effigy hung by a noose.

Here’s the video:

Funny how the media doesn’t seem interested in reporting incidents like this.