Trump to Bill O’Reilly: You’re Very Negative… Talk to Your Psychiatrist (Video)

It was a long day for Donald Trump.
** First Mitt Romney, Republican Establishment spokesperson, blasted him with an unbelievable press conference.
** A massive rally in Portland, Maine with the usual fascist protesters.
** Then a debate with FOX News – the most anti-Trump network on television today.

trump oreilly

After the debate Bill O’Reilly scooped Donald up for an onstage interview. Bill peppered him with a few questions and a few negative comments. After about five minutes Donald Trump let him have it.

Donald Trump: If you look at what I’ve done I’ve built an unbelievable company. You know that. I know that. Most of the people know that… Very few people have built a company like I’ve built.

Bill O’Reily: Now do you get mad at guys like me when I ask you the negative questions?

Donald Trump: Well I think you’ve become very negative. I think…

Bill O’Reilly: Who me? Why? Why would I do that?

Donald Trump: Who knows. You’ll have to ask your psychiatrist. But I think you’ve become very negative.

Via The O’Reilly Factor:

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