Torture Works! Wisconsin Man Waterboards Cheating Girlfriend Until She Talks


Torture works!
A Wisconsin man was arrested after waterboarding his cheating girlfriend until she talked.

The Washington Post reported, via The Last Tradition:

A Wisconsin man has been accused of waterboarding his girlfriend to force the woman to admit that she was cheating on him with another man.

The torture, detailed in a criminal complaint provided to The Washington Post, was part of an alleged string of violent, abusive acts Dylan VanCamp exacted upon his onetime girlfriend throughout much of 2015, according to police.

The 22-year-old Merill, Wis., man is facing six felonies and three misdemeanors, including suffocation, stalking and battery, according to the complaint.

“I pursue these domestic violence cases to let people know we are watching and we are not going to brush these kinds of crimes under the rug,” Lincoln County District Attorney Don Dunphy told The Post. “Now having said that, I would remind you that Mr. VanCamp is only alleged to have committed these crimes and he is currently presumed innocent.”

Dunphy added that if convicted, VanCamp — a repeat offender convicted of strangulation and suffocation in another county — could face up to a decade in prison and a $25,000 fine.

dylan vancamp
Dylan VanCamp is accused of attacking his ex-girlfriend on multiple occasions, according to police. He is facing six felony and three misdemeanor charges. (Courtesy of Lincoln County Jail)

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