Tom Delay: Enquirer Cheating Scandal Is “Festering Boil” – Cruz MUST SUE Right Now (VIDEO)

The National Enquirer published a story last week accusing Texas Senator Ted Cruz of multiple extramarital affairs.

On Friday Ted Cruz blamed Donald Trump and his former consultant Roger Stone for the National Enquirer article on his alleged extramarital affairs.
cruz national enquirer

But these rumors did not start with Donald Trump.


** The rumors were started by the Rubio Campaign and anti-Trump GOP elites.

And there were reports this week of an existing compilation video.

Former US House Majority Leader Tom DeLay and former Republican Congressman from Texas Tom Delay joined Steve Malzberg on Newsmax TV to discuss Trump-Cruz and the latest on the “Cuban Mistress Scandal.”

Steve Malzberg: If I’m Ted Cruz, and I did not cheat on my wife, I would say, “Hey, National Enquirer, you’ve got two days to detract that story or I’m suing.” He said the story was wrong, it was inaccurate, it was that, I mean that would literally mean, instead of five women it was four women, so the whole story’s inaccurate. Would you like to see him say, “I’ve never cheated on my wife and does that matter?

Tom Delay: Well, he needs to get ahold of some people who know how to handle this sort of thing. Because this is so typical of politicians. They just wish that this story will go away. And I agree with you. I think if he would sue the Enquirer right now it would put this story to bed. He’s got to do something. He cannot ignore this. This is a kind of a festering boil that will get worse and worse if you try to ignore it.

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