Senator Scott Brown: “Getting Tired” of These #DumpTrump Pundits “Shame on You” (VIDEO)

Former Senator Scott Brown went on FOX News after Donald Trump’s huge Super Tuesday 2.0 victories.

brown trump
Brown supports Donald Trump for president.

Brown went off on the #DumpTrump so-called conservatives who would rather see Hillary Clinton in the White House than support the Republican voters’ nominee.


First of all, I’ve already battled with Erick Erickson. It’s people like him and others, Mitt Romney included, who don’t quite see the big picture. You have something very special happening around this country. It happened in New Hampshire. It happened in Massachusetts. It happened again last night. You have a whole new breed of Reagan Democrat people coming in who haven’t voted for a while that are looking forward to participating in the process. And then to then say, oh by the way, if it’s Donald Trump I’m not voting for him. Then, with all due respect, they can look in the mirror the day after the election and see Hillary Clinton about to be sworn in and know that they gave up the judicial positions that we are talking about right now. Of which they can give up the cabinet secretaries and also all the ambassadors, and potentially be the tie-breaking vote in the Senate. And if you want to give that up to make Hillary or Bernie the president then shame on you. Don’t complain. I don’t want to hear it. I’m getting tired of it.

Via America’s Newsroom:

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