GOP is Party of Middle Class, Working Americans by Overwhelming Majority – But They Don’t Know It and Don’t Give a Sh*t

Middle Class- Working Class districts in America are represented by Republicans over Democrats by at least a 2-1 ratio?

According to US Census statistics working class districts overwhelmingly support Republicans.
trump middle class

And working class, Middle Class, “poorly educated” Americans support Donald Trump for President.


But the GOP establishment does not even know who their voter base is. Ask any Republican in office and they would have no idea that the GOP dominates in working class districts. It’s a failed party. It’s a party apparatus that has no purpose, plan or vision.

On Super Tuesday over one million Republicans voted in the Virginia GOP primary up from around 250,000 in 2012. The party is seeing similar results in every primary state.

But rather than nurturing and relishing this major political development the GOP establishment is going after the front-runner Donald Trump, the man who is reshaping the Republican Party across the map.

The Rubio GOPe PAC is even running KKK ads against Trump in Missouri. (Will anyone call Rubio out on this?)

GOPe favorite, National Review, released a special edition to trash Trump and his supporters.

Recently, National Review’s Reihan Salam attacked rural Trump voters suggesting they were all racist hicks.
Of course, this stereotype of Trump supporters is not just offensive, it is inaccurate.

Nick Gillespie at reported, via Instapundit:

You know the rap against Donald Trump, right? He’s playing to the anger of relatively poor and relatively dumb (read: uneducated) white hicks who are political neophytes. As National Review‘s Reihan Salam puts it in a column at Slate, “Trump is strongest not in the metropolitan corners of America, where he’s spent most of his life. Rather, his strongholds are the mostly overlooked sections of the South, Appalachia, and the rural and semi-rural North.”

That’s a comforting myth for Republican activists because they can then pretend that Trump doesn’t really represent their party even as he scores yuge wins in primaries of “moderate” states such as New Hampshire.

But as Elizabeth Price Foley points out at Instapundit, it’s just not true. The plain fact is that Trump is crushing his GOP competition across all demographics.

I’m not sure what makes Salam think that Americans of “Scots-Irish” descent are poor Appalachian hillbillies with substance abuse problems. This odd racial stereotyping aside, Salam is simply wrong that Trump’s primary support emerges from poor, uneducated whites, an unsupportable myth I’ve written about before that keeps getting repeated by the GOPe and Democrats alike.

More importantly, I hardly think that a platform of issues that are important to all Americans–national security, jobs, immigration (all of which are intimately related)–is fairly characterized as a racial dog whistle, unless one believes that these issues are particularly “white” (or more specifically, “Scots-Irish”) issues.

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Rather than celebrating the will of the people and their voter base – The Republican establishment is trashing Trump and his supporters.

The Grand Old Party is a failed organization.

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