Swedish Town Cancels Earth Hour: Nobody Wants to Turn Off Lights, Too Scared of Violent Migrants

The Swedish city of Ostersund cancelled “Earth Hour” this year. Nobody wants to turn off their lights after a spate of sexual assaults.
The citizens of Ostersund, Sweden will skip Earth Hour this year. (Daily Mail)

Safety trumps Junk Science in Ostersund.

Girls, as young as ten, have been sexually attacked in 14 recent attacks.
CWFPAC reported:


Ostersund, Sweden, cancelled its annual “Earth Hour” celebration this year. All the lights in the city are turned off during the one-hour event to symbolize the “green” goal of being 100% fossil fuel free.

The city cancelled the event this year because it has been inundated with Muslim migrants and has experienced an epidemic of rapes and sexual assaults. Some victims have been as young as 10 years old. As a result, residents of Ostersund are now afraid of the dark.

Here’s a thought: Instead of fretting about becoming fossil fuel free, how about becoming barbarian free and limiting the number of radical Islamists coming into your nation?

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