St. Louis Democrat Poll Worker Gets Called Out for Cheating – Then Is Cited for Disturbing the Peace After She Loses It (Video)

A Democrat poll worker was cited for disturbing the peace after she was confronted on her cheating on Tuesday.

Republican poll worker Bob Matteuzzi said his Democrat counterpart was letting everyone vote whether they were registered or not.
What a surprise.
poll worker bob stl

Bob Matteuzzi is our hero of the day.
He was working a polling station in south St. Louis City.


FOX 2 Now reported:

A heated dispute at St. Louis city polling place resulted in one poll worker being cited by police. The Democratic Manager at the polling place at Diverse City Church was issued two summonses for individual peace disturbance and general peace disturbance.

The Republican Manager, Bob Matteuzzi, did not like what she was doing. He said, “I had to leave the polling place and go out to the street and call police.”

Matteuzzi said he’s worked the polls during 7 different elections. He got upset when his Democratic counterpart started doing some things he thought were unfair. Matteuzzi added, “She wanted everybody to vote there no matter what. And, I said if they’re registered and she said no, no matter what.”

Officials at the city election board say the Democratic manager got thrown into the job for the first time at the last minute. She did have experience as a poll worker. The dispute revolved around how a form was being filled out concerning people whose registration is in question.

Gary Stoff, Republican Director at the Board of Elections said, “From our perspective one individual wasn’t completing the form properly and the other person was.”

Bob Matteuzzi said, “She was trying to let the person vote anyway even though she wasn’t supposed too.”

Election officials arrived from headquarters and said it would be best if the Democrat manager went home with full pay. Apparently, things got heated and police cited her for disturbing the peace. Stoff said, “It’s highly unusual we rarely have disagreements among poll workers.”

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