Socialist Sanders Wins Washington and Alaska

Bernie Soviet Flag

Democratic socialist Bernie Sanders has bested Hillary Clinton in Washington State and Alaska. Sanders supporters are likely ecstatic about his wins today but as The Politico points out, these wins don’t do much to dent Clinton’s delegate lead:

Sanders wins Washington, Alaska

Bernie Sanders cruised to a convincing victory in Washington state’s caucuses on Saturday, a long-expected but much-needed win in the delegate-rich state.

While the underdog’s West Coast win is not nearly enough to trip up former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s path to the nomination, his apparently wide margin of victory leaves his campaign with a sense of momentum — a feeling that traditionally comes with a considerable fundraising bump for him — heading into a 10-day break before the next primary contest.

Sanders also handily took Alaska’s caucuses, defeating Clinton by yet another big margin: he was up by well over 50 points as results trickled in on Saturday evening.

Hawaii, another far smaller state that also looks favorable for Sanders, was set to caucus on Saturday as well, though its results were not expected until after midnight Eastern time.

Sanders’ win in Washington — the day’s big prize with its 101 delegates — comes after Clinton’s campaign worked to minimize his advantage there and tried to stop him from gaining too much ground in the delegate race. He led by roughly 52 points with over 30 percent of precincts reporting their results. Still, Sanders’ performance is unlikely to cut too far into Clinton’s overall delegate lead.

It’s amazing that there are so many people in this country who are willing to vote for a socialist.

Some Bernie supporters seem to think he’s going to be everything they hoped Obama would be.

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