Sean Hannity BLASTS “Suicidal” Marco Rubio for Running DISGUSTING KKK Ad Against Trump (VIDEO)

Just when you thought the Republican Establishment couldn’t sink any lower…
The Rubio Super PAC is running a very dishonest and hateful ad KKK ad against Donald Trump in Missouri and Florida.

Never in a thousand years did Missouri conservatives expect to see an establishment Republican running KKK smear ads against the Republican front-runner!

On Wednesday night conservative FOX host Sean Hannity slammed Marco Rubio on his “suicide” mission to take out Donald Trump. Hannity also blasted Rubio’s PAC for running outrageous KKK anti-Trump ads.
hannity rubio kkk


What is his goal here? In other words, is his goal to win or his goal to prevent Trump or Cruz from getting 1,237 delegates?… Here’s how bad it’s gotten. Now let me be clear. I like the old Marco Rubio. I didn’t like the comprehensive immigration bill but he was always a Tea Party guy in 2010. But when he runs an ad like this, invoking the KKK. When Donald Trump has disavowed it again and again and again. This to me is – This is way beyond the pale from what I would expect from a primary… I’m stunned.

Via Hannity:

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