Figures. Ted Cruz Spokesman Tried to Stomp Out the Tea Party – Now He Speaks for Ted

Ted Cruz dumped his last campaignspokesperson after he joked about Marco Rubio’s faith.

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Now this…
The Cruz camp’s latest spokesperson tried to stomp out the Tea Party.
The Blaze reported:

Ted Cruz’s new national spokesman, who replaced ousted spokesman Rick Tyler, came under fire last week for once hiring illegal immigrants and abusing the H-1B program when he was chairman of the Republican Party of California.

However, Cruz’s new spokesman is now being exposed for an offense that Cruz supporters might find even more egregious: trying to stop the Tea Party movement.

In the spring of 2009 when Americans were told their government and big banks were “too big to fail,” Tea Parties began to spring up across the United States.

Night after night, audiences witnessed Americans taking back their government on live TV.

FOX News host and talk radio personality Sean Hannity headlined the Tea Party in his home city of Atlanta; FOX News provided wall-to-wall coverage of the Tea Party in midtown Manhattan; and FOX News’ Neil Cavuto covered the Tea Party in California, for which I served as the official event director and communications director.

The Tea Party was going strong except for one hitch: both myself and my event team received word that some inside the GOP were working to get the events cancelled.

One of those people was Ron Nehring, then-chairman of the California Republican Party and the man who just last week was named Ted Cruz’s new national spokesman.

It turns out, our Tea Party wasn’t alone in the obstruction.

“When we started the Tea Party in California, we expected that the GOP would open theirs arms and welcome us in,” said Dawn Wildman, founder of the California Tea Party Groups Coalition, responsible for several successful Tea Party rallies and tax revolts in California. “Instead, Ron Nehring and many other GOP leaders fought against us at every turn. They hijacked media at events claiming successes for themselves. They warned the rank and file to not join us.”

According to sources who spoke on anonymity due to their current jobs in state government, there were a series of threatening phone calls in 2009 from Nehring to legislators claiming that anyone offering aid and assistance to the Tea Party would become an “enemy” of the Republican Party.

The threats were enough to get Wildman and others to leave the party.

“The threats were so destructive that after that, I burned my Republican Party registration card and became a ‘no party preference’ voter,” said Wildman.

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