RUSH LIMBAUGH: Mitt Romney’s Dad Did the Same Thing to Goldwater in 1964 as He did to Trump (Video)

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Rush Limbaugh went on FOX News Sunday to discuss the contentious Republican primary and recent developments including Mitt Romney’s scurrilous attacks on Donald Trump this week.

Rush Limbaugh told Chris Wallace – while Mitt Romney was listening – that Mitt did the same thing to Trump as his father did to Barry Goldwater in 1964.

Chris Wallace: Let’s start with Mitt Romney’s speech this week in which he basically joined the anybody but Trump movement. You say that that is going to backfire with Trump supporters and other voters are going to see it as the establishment trying to tell them what to do. With Mitt Romney listening explain what he’s missing.

Rush Limbaugh: Well, it’s all that and more but it’s not unprecedented. His dad did much the same thing against Barry Goldwater in a cabal with Republican establishment guys back in 1964. The establishment, this isn’t new. The establishment not wanting outsiders, not wanting conservatives, it isn’t anything new… Donald Trump is putting together a coalition that the Republican Party says is exactly what it needs to win. And, yet look what they’re doing. They’re trying to get Trump out of the race because they’re not in charge of it.

Via FOX News Sunday:


Of course, Rush is right…
George Romney did the same thing as 1964.
The independent Sentinel reported:

There is one fascinating similarity and that ism in addition to real concerns about some of Donald Trump’s policy positions and his comportment, the Republican elite are terrified of losing control of the party.

In 1964, liberal Republicans were vehemently opposed to Barry Goldwater’s nomination for the presidency and launched a campaign against him, labeling him a crazed extremist. One of those Republicans was George Romney, Mitt’s father.

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