ROMNEY CONSULTANTS Scurry Out to Try to Stop Trump and His Voters in California

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It’s every man against Trump–
We’ve never seen anything like this.

Mitt Romney has finally decided to fight.
His consultants are scurrying to try to stop Donald Trump in California.
ABC News reported:

A group of Republican political consultants is organizing a stop-Donald Trump effort in California.

Rob Stutzman — who has worked for actor-turned-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mitt Romney — says California’s June 7 primary could be the last line of defense to halt Trump’s drive toward the presidential nomination.

Stutzman says the prospect of the billionaire businessman in the White House is a concern for the nation and the world.

The group, which also includes Sacramento-based partners Richard Temple and Ray McNally, is hoping to raise money to reach out to voters. Temple says the group intends “to utilize every tool we have” to stop Trump.

Mail-in ballots for the primary go out in early May.

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