Report: Dirty Cruz Camp Is Set on Stealing Trump Delegates in Missouri, Too


Last week the Ted Cruz camp moved in to steal delegates from Donald Trump in Louisiana, a state Donald Trump won by over 10,000 votes.

Dallas Morning News reported:

Trump beat Cruz in the Louisiana primary by less than 4 percentage points, and both candidates walked away with 18 delegates. But since the March 5 primary, Cruz’s campaign has worked to secure as many as 10 more delegates from the state, first reported by The Wall Street Journal. The extra delegates include five won by former candidate Sen. Marco Rubio and five unpledged delegates.

Donald Trump threatened to sue after the Cruz camp announced they pilfered the delegates.

Now there is talk that the Cruz camp is doing the same thing in Missouri.

The Cruz team is planning on loading the Missouri state delegates with a Pro-Cruz team. That way they will vote for Trump in first round of voting at the RNC. In the second round they will all vote for Ted Cruz.

The delegates will be elected at the upcoming county districts. The Cruz camp is planning on flooding the districts with pro-Cruz delegates.

A local St. Louis activist sent me an e-mail correspondence he/she had with Stephanie M., the local coordinator with the Trump campaign.

He/she has been sending Stephanie text messages and have received one response in return.

Earlier today I wrote, “Is the plan to let Trump lose Missouri for lack of both campaign structure and action?” Her response was,

“Obviously not. I have a conference call with our delegate staff tonight. We will be arranging one with delegates afterwards.”

This was supposed to happen last week. I was asked if the possibility exists, and have speculated myself, that maybe the Cruz people were hired accidentally and are now intentionally dragging their feet to ensure a Cruz takeover of the Missouri delegates. I realize this is far-fetched but many of us have been ACTIVELY SEEKING Trump campaign people for weeks now for the purposes of sewing up the delegate slates and protecting Mr. Trump’s win of the MO primary.

The Trump campaign may want to look into this.
We all know what Cruz did to Carson in Iowa and to Trump in Louisiana.
It would be a shame if they got away with another dirty trick in Missouri.

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