Progressive Tolerance: Trump Billboard Repeatedly Attacked In Chicago


Last week a pro-Trump billboard went up in Chicago. Within days it was attacked. Twice.

A large, white billboard declaring “VOTE TRUMP” was put up near Lake and Ogden the week before Trump’s scheduled rally at the UIC Pavilion. The billboard gathered attention after people shared photos of it and encouraged artists to paint over the pro-Trump message.

“You know what needs to be done,” wrote comedian El Chuyito in a post on Facebook. The post was shared nearly 2,000 times. [More…]

Ha ha ha. Conspiracy to silence protected speech. That’s so funny!

First Bernie supporters attacked the sign.



Not content with this level of vandalism against free speech, the sign was attacked again. Now the sign reads “F**K Trump”


Trump’s lucky he didn’t take a staple to the head because that’s how progressives roll in Chicago: Democrat supporters attack opposing candidate, staple his forehead, smash with beer bottle.

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