President Obama Cracks Himself Up By Mocking DONALD TRUMP (VIDEO)

Obama Trump

Obama is supposed to be the president of all Americans, not just Democrats. For him to yuk it up over the leading Republican candidate in 2016 is not only insulting to millions of Americans, it’s beneath the dignity of the office he holds.

Our corrupt and biased media sees nothing wrong with this but can you imagine how our social betters in the news business would have reacted if George W. Bush had mocked candidate Obama in 2008?

Liberals in media call Trump “divisive” while giving President Obama, the most divisive president in history, a pass as he openly mocks someone who’s running to succeed him.


It’s astonishing.

ABC News reported:

President Obama Mocks Trump’s Business Ventures: ‘Has Anybody Tried That Wine?’

President Obama is taking new swings at Donald Trump, using the GOP front-runner’s business ventures as ammunition.

At a DNC fundraiser today in Austin, Texas, Obama outlined his list of accomplishments over his years in office.

“Imagine what Trump would say if he had this record,” Obama said. “Instead of selling steaks!”

He continued, “Has anybody tried that wine?” referring to Trump Winery.

Here’s the video:

Keep laughing, leftists. You’re only creating new Trump supporters.


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