PHOTOS=> HEAVILY ARMED Anti-Trump Protesters at Dayton Rally

A group of anti-Trump protesters openly carried firearms while protesting near the site of leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign rally at an airport in Dayton, Ohio Saturday morning.

Armed Trump protesters Dayton Free Republic RC One

This photo was taken by FReeper “RC one” and posted to Free Republic.

This photo of the armed protesters was posted to Twitter.


FReeper Travis McGee, aka author Matthew Bracken, posted another photo of the armed protesters with added commentary.

Armed Trump protesters Dayton Free Republic Travis McGee

Ohio is an open carry state according to, making the armed protest legal.

The news media has wall-to-wall coverage when conservatives carry firearms at protests, yet there has been no media coverage of this armed anti-Trump protest even with the Chicago riot Friday night over Trump and the arrest of a leftist agitator who stormed the stage during Trump’s Dayton rally.

One independent media site, CounterCurrentNews, reported one of the protesters attempted to enter the Trump rally, but does not report whether the man was carrying his weapon at the time. The man protested carrying a sign that employed an incendiary Malcom X theme, “Ballot or Bullet.”

“But while we photographed Micah holding signs that almost sounded like a call to armed insurrection if Trump’s proposals are enacted, police saw him and nervously drove on by.

“That is… until Micah tried to enter the Trump rally at a hanger in Wright Bros Aero.

“The Secret Service stopped him, and would not allow anyone else in by the time he got to the entrance. So Micah headed back to rejoin his fellow protesters and his friend Jaimes.”

TGP recently reported the conservative site Red State called on Trump opponents to carry firearms to Trump rallies.

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