Pat Condell Calls Out Hypocritical Feminists For DEFENDING ISLAM (VIDEO)

Pat Condell

Pat Condell is a British YouTube personality who takes great pleasure in pointing out the hypocrisy of progressives and he’s very good at his work.

In his newest video, he takes on feminists in Europe and elsewhere who are defending Islam despite the inherent misogyny that comes with Islamic culture.

Here’s an excerpt:


Feminist Whores For Islam

If, like me you want to live in a world where men and women are completely equal, not just in theory but in actual practice, then you better get used to being called a racist by women who call themselves feminists.

Progressive feminists to be precise or third wave feminists as they’re sometimes known…

It’s entirely thanks to their poisonous influence that when it comes to Islam, the words feminist and hypocrite go together as seamlessly as the words dickless and Jihad.

Watch the video:

Condell’s YouTube channel is here.


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