Obama SCOTUS Nominee Mocked Donald Trump at Yale in 2012 (VIDEO)

Merrick Garland at Yale

Obama’s supposedly moderate nominee for the U.S. Supreme Court mocked Donald Trump during a court competition at Yale in 2012.

The Weekly Standard reports:

Video: Obama Supreme Court Nominee Merrick Garland Mocks Donald Trump

Here’s video of President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland, appearing to mock Donald Trump at a moot court competition at Yale University in the fall of 2012:

“Does your theory depend on the fact that this proposition you think is reasonable?” Garland asks a law student at the competition. “What if Donald Trump became the secretary of state of Arizona and insisted there’s only one way you can prove citizenship, and that’s with your long-form birth certificate?”

The crowd snickered.

Garland went on, “You would still say that that rules, right?”

Merrick Garland was nominated to the Supreme Court yesterday by President Obama.

Watch the video:


He seems like a fair and balanced candidate, doesn’t he?


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